Week 5 - Globalization vs localization  

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Reading: Journalism Theory in Practice

Ch 14 Journalism in the Global Village by Rhonda Breit

This week's reading is talking about globalization versus localization, particularly on journalism --a topic that has been discussed over and over again and debate that has no end. A topic of debate even for the editor in-chief of Newsweek International, Michael Elliot, and author Colin Hines.
For certain people, globalization of journalism, with the help of technology, represents a gateway of true freedom of speech and so globalization is a good thing.  However, as the old adage says, be careful of what you wish for. Do we really want a true freedom of speech? A total freedom where anything can be said? Everything that is too much is never good.

From some other people even believe that this globalization is the "fault" of multi- or trans-national companies (MNs/TNCs). According to Shah (2008) the concentration of media ownership has caused commercialization of news and the "soften" of news, that is, there are more and more soft news than hard news being published each day. Both of these create a lower quality of journalism.

For me personally, globalization is a good thing. It enables us to get information from various sources and at our own choices of timing. While the question of commercialism and lost of journalistic standards, the journalists and those working around journalism to uphold the journalism values.

Freedom from speech

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