Week 4 - Who will pay for journalism?  

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Reading: The Future of Journalism Summit^ by Jonathan Este, Christopher Warren, and Flynn Murhpy

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Who will pay for journalism? This sure is a very intriguing questions. Many times before, the questions are whether traditional journalism will survive or how online news have change over the decade. This question intrigues us (us, the communication students, at least) because it also prompts us to see the journalists' and publishers' dilemma of choosing between ethical journalism or the monetary injection they can receive.

For the question who will pay for journalism? Advertisers will still do, because print media still has its own charm. Online technology is moving so fast that the user has no time to stop and pay attention to the online ads. The internet users have now even developed selective attention to block off from their mind everything that might look like an advertisement.
While for printed ad, the readers might pass it through in the first flip but when they're done reading the news or couldn't find the news that interest them, the readers will flip the magazine or newspaper again and the advertisement will still be there.

The readers will still be willing to pay for journalism as well. With an influx of information on the internet, people are still willing to pay for hardcopy magazines, newspapers, and books because of various reasons. One of them is credibility. The mentioned printed media take time to write, and therefore, enough research and facts-checking have been done. Even online, the sites that survive longer are those with decent credibility.

Journalists, and the media publishers, should not worry who will pay for their works. When the true meaning of journalism is retained, it will pay for itself.

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