Week 8 - Truth & objectivity: Post modern casualties or victims of PR piracy?  

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1. Journalism Theory in Practice by Suellen Tapsall & Carolyn Varley
Ch 6 & Ch 7 

2. Flat Earth News ^ by Nick Davies
Ch 3 The Suppliers

About two weeks ago, tech giant Apple launched a new version of its much-applaused editing software, Final Cut Pro X. The title of its press release read:
"Apple Revolutionizes Video Editing With Final Cut Pro X"

Within one day, however, journalists all over the internet published disagreements from Apple users who think that there's nothing revolutionary about this US$300 software.

This extreme example shows that there is no question on whether journalists should take for granted the information provided by Public Relations practitioners. It is journalists' job to dig more information from various sources.

One thing that I learn, both in life and in my journalistic studies, do not assume. As human, it is easy to fall into assumption, but when we assume the role of messenger, we have to always check and double check the facts.

Personally, I think the argument is simple: truth is always objective and presenting the truth without any additional information is always an act of objectivity. Maybe the complication comes when it comes to what sells. Readers don't want "the truth", they want "what's controversial". Perhaps that is why 'journalists' today have dilemma in their job.

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